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Watch: Top 10 Worst WWE ‘Survivor Series’ Matches Ranked (Video)

Smart Wrestling Fan is proud to bring you an original video show, ranking the Top 10 worst Survivor Series matches in WWE history, hosted by yours truly. In this exciting, new video by Smart Wrestling Fan, we take a look at some bad—and some that are so-bad-they’re-funny—WWE Survivor Series matches.

The Survivor Series debuted in 1987, and for 34 years, the annual WWE pay-per-view event has brought us exciting matches, historical moments, and some really bad matches, too. Matches included in this Smart Wrestling Fan video are Undertaker and Kane squaring off against Bray Wyatt and the late, great Luke Harper from Survivor Series 2015.

We also take a look at Triple H defending the championship against Vladimir Kozlov and Edge, in a match that was supposed to be a triple-threat with Jeff Hardy. This contest played out largely as a singles match between “The Game” and Kozlov, with Edge becoming involved in the end. We also look at classic WWE Survivor Series elimination tag team matches, including Team Total Divas facing Team True Divas; you can just imagine how that one played out.

Other classic WWE Survivor Series team matches include The Truth Commission versus The Disciples of Apocalypse and The Royal Family squaring off against Clowns R’ Us, featuring Jerry “The King” Lawler and “Doink.” Want more Doink and his crazy shenanigans? Good, because he appears twice on this list, well, sort of.

Other wrestlers, err, superstars in the rankings include fake Diesel, fake Razor Ramon, Farooq, Yokozuna, and so, so many more. We also include other classic tag team elimination matches.

This is the first Smart Wrestling Fan video of this style, but we plan on brining you more in the near future. Just click play on the video above to laugh along with us as we count down the Top 10 worst WWE Survivor Series matches, and don’t forget to like, subscribe, hit the bell (so you can be notified of future Smart Wrestling Fan videos), and if you like what you see, please share.

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