WWE Raw promo pic of Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins

WWE ‘Raw’ Preview: Kevin Owens To Face Seth Rollins For Match No. 34 For November 8 Show (Opinion)

If you enjoyed the 33 times Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins have wrestled each other, then you may enjoy tonight’s match between the two wrestlers as they square off on WWE Raw for match No. 34. If you were hoping for any other matches, well, you’ll just have to wait and see because that’s what WWE does nowadays.

WWE just announced today, Monday, November 8–you know, the same day that Raw actually airs–that Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins will face each other, and this will be match 34 between these two over the span of the last six years. If we include tag, triple threat, and four-way matches, then they have wrestled each other hundreds of times. So, instead of keeping all the talent that the WWE just fired, which could have brought fans a cornucopia of new matches on Raw and SmackDown, we once again get “treated” to Owens and Rollins.

WWE has proven over the years that they don’t really care about their booking, and that has been even more evident over the last several months. Not long ago, fans could go to WWE’s official website to see a preview of Raw several days before the show airs on Monday. Now, wrestling fans are more likely to see the news hit on social media and the WWE website just hours before Raw goes live on USA.

Below, you can watch McKenzie Mitchell give the “full Raw preview,” which just includes the Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins match. This contest is being dubbed as a feud of “who is the face of the Raw brand?”

In the video, we see highlights of Rollins winning the ladder match from two weeks ago in a fatal four-way to earn a contract to face Big E at some point. Last week, Kevin Owens interrupted Seth Rollins and Big E during an in-ring promo on Raw, stating that his performance was the real highlight of the ladder match. This all led to Owens facing Big E and losing to the WWE Champion, and Owens would apologize to Big E after the match, which was greeted by a Big Ending.

Could tonight’s match set up Kevin Owens for an eventual heel turn? Many fans think so. Could tonight’s match lead to Owens facing Rollins again in the near future or will it have a clean finish? Or could it all just lead to nothing? We’ll have to see on WWE Raw. Of course, for an in-depth analysis of recent Raws, WWE programming, as well as AEW programming, check out the Smart Wrestling Fan Podcast.

Carter Lee is a former professional wrestler turned producer, show host, and he is the CEO of Final Girl Productions and the Editor-in-Chief of Horror Movies Hub, and you can follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HMHCarterLee

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